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ACI Venice Tourist srl is a navigation company with proven experience in transfers, connections and excursions on the Venice Lagoon. The company has developed over the years to meet the needs of a constantly expanding tourism sector, providing specialised staff and modern, comfortable vessels for personalised, integrated tourism packages for both individuals and groups.

The Italian Automobile Club (ACI) is a non-profit making public body entrusted by the state with the management of the Public Vehicle Register.
It currently has one and half million members with a network in large cities and small towns all over Italy (107 provincial offices and 1,500 delegations).
The Italian Automobile Club began in 1898 with the founding of the Turin Automobile Club, which took the name Italian Automobile Union in 1904. Its main aim was to organise sporting events and promote driving in Italy. The Italian Automobile Club was born in 1905. This was a national body with a temporary headquarters in Turin. It was a simple federation of a private nature reserved for a few select automobile owners, representing the various regional and local A.C.s and acting as official representative in relations abroad. Its activity was mainly devoted to regulating automobile sport.
The ACI’s international activity includes the ARC Europe alliance, made up of 8 of the 23 leading European automobile associations and those of Canada, the United States and Australia, which aims to assist, protect and support over 45 million members with an efficient continental network.

Iscritta al Registro Imprese di : VENEZIA
C.F. e P.I. : 02531290274
Iscrizione al REA di Venezia: 223094
Capitale Sociale sottoscritto € 10.400,00 I.V.
Soggetta all’attività di direzione e coordinamento da parte dell’Ente Automobile Club Venezia

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Transfer to Venice

destination san marco:

a journey through:

  • Punta Sabbioni
  • Tronchetto
  • Aeroporto "Marco Polo"
  • Chioggia (Laguna Sud)
  • Fusina

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excursions to the islands

The Northern Lagoon

Lace, fine glass and excellent Venetian cuisine. The most important and comprehensive of ACI Venice Tourist’s itineraries will allow you to discover the ancient traditions of Murano...

Lagoon archaeology, market gardens and ancient fortresses

The itinerary covers three islands that had important economic and social functions in the past: Lazzaretto Nuovo, Sant’Erasmo and Vignole.

Art and Spirituality - Churches, Cathedrals and Monasteries

This artistic and spiritual itinerary covers the most important islands on the Venice lagoon and is an in-depth exploration of the religious aspect of the settlements of S. Francesco...

The Sea and Lagoon: Venice, Pellestrina, Chioggia and Malamocco

This is a strip of land, a thin coastline made up of the islands of the Lido, Malamocco and Pellestrina, which has continued to protect Venice...

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The Historic Regatta has taken place every year for more than five centuries, on the first Sunday of September. This sports event and historical re-enactment, the Regatta, is one of the most spectacular, exciting and best...