The Sea and Lagoon: Venice, Pellestrina, Chioggia and Malamocco

An Itinerary Entirely From the Sea to the Lagoon.

This is a strip of land, a thin coastline made up of the islands of the Lido, Malamocco and Pellestrina, which has continued to protect Venice from the force of the sea. In Chioggia you can visit an important fish market and, sailing towards Malamocco, one of the first Lagoon settlements. From here, through the mouth of the port, you can experience the excitement of leaving these inland waters for a trip on the open sea.


Departure from Punta Sabbioni, crossing the Lagoon towards the mouth of the Lido port, passing in front of the Mose barrier.

The trip continues along St. Peter’s Canal. With a panoramic view of the islands of S.Elena, La Grazia, S.Clemente and Poveglia, before entering the Malamocco Canal and passing in front of the Mose barrier.
We then follow the St. Peter’s Canal to land on the island of Pellestrina in the S.Antonio area. The tour continues towards the Murazzo association, where you can admire the longest piece of lace in the world. There will be a stop for lunch with a special price menu and a walk through the narrow streets and famous embankments, erected in 1744 when Pietro Grimani was Doge, to defend the coastline of Venice. These are over 20 km long and 14 m wide are built using blocks of Istrian stone.

The second destination on our itinerary is Chioggia. This is situated at the Southernmost tip of the Lagoon and is built on four artificial islands, separated by three parallel canals. It is famous for having one of the biggest fish markets in Italy. We visit the town’s beautiful old centre, with its narrow streets, squeri and porticoes, full of Venetian-style palaces, overlooking the three main canals that run along its length, with its valuable examples of Romanesque architecture (the Cathedral bell tower), Gothic architecture (Palazzo Granaio) and Renaissance and Baroque architecture (the Cathedral and Church of St. Andrew).

After our visit to Chioggia, we continue in the direction of Malamocco, the last stop on our itinerary, which once was the port of the ancient city of Padua and headquarters of the Venetian Republic’s Government, where we take a trip onto the open sea.

Return to Punta Sabbioni. A panoramic tour of St. Mark’s basin and/or a visit to Venice can also be added.

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Transfer to Venice

destination san marco:

a journey through:

  • Punta Sabbioni
  • Tronchetto
  • Aeroporto "Marco Polo"
  • Chioggia (Laguna Sud)
  • Fusina

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excursions to the islands

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